If you are a Dentist in Canada searching for the best dental lab to create dental prosthetics and restorations for your exclusive clientele, you found it Imperius Dental Laboratory.

Dental Precision Oral Prosthetic Lab has been serving Dentists and patients successfully for over 5 years from our office in the Ottawa Area.

Orthodontic Appliances

Imperius Dental Laboratory provides your patients with quality orthodontic appliances. Using the latest technology, like 3D scanning, digital placements and resin models, we support dentists and orthodontists across the Ottawa with high-quality appliances.

  • + Alignment
  • + Aesthetics
  • + Development
  • + Functional
  • + Splints
  • + Habit
  • + Models
  • + Retention
  • + Space Maintenance
  • + Therapy