Imperius Dental Laboratory has now made available TAGLUS sheets for clear aligners.

TAGLUS is a global industry leader in the manufacture of the innovative clear Aligners and retainer thermoplastic sheets that are made using cutting edge technology and equipment to meet the most demanding aesthetic standards.

For the past decade, Orthodontists have been seeking a refined alternative to PU sheets with all betterments of PETG sheets. TAGLUS has an in-house multidisciplinary team of Biomedical Engineers, University Professors, Dental Technicians and experienced Research and Development department.

Routine tests are carried out to analyze the material with the most advanced instrumentation. Apart from this, clinical evaluations and quality control checks are done so that we are able to provide the best quality material to our customers that exceed industry standards.

TAGLUS offers thermoplastic clear aligner sheets in a wide variety of sizes as well as customized “run-to-size” dimensions and thicknesses. TAGLUS is committed to delivering the highest quality products and service to its customers around the world. Currently we are catering to our customers in US, Canada, Spain, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.


Clear Aligners

With TAGLUS the treatment can be made much faster with movement of 0.25mm per aligner in 7 days, TAGLUS aligners are made of a proprietary material that creates gentle but consistent force on the teeth. The attachments that are used on teeth are to be designed to make sure they are creating the most effective force on teeth. This all adds up to extremely predictable tooth movement and in a shorter time than before.

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